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4.GEORGE OSODI: Ghana Gold - De Money 2009 - Shop

 "The name De Money came about, when in the process of photographing the youths digging for gold, I asked them about their activities, and one word  kept being repeated; the word was "DE MONEY".  I paused at some point to ask them what money are you talking about and they said, “The money is this soil we are digging and the final gold extract is called de money".  

The youths were at first suspicious of me, as  they at first thought I was a spy of the government. I took some time explaining who I was, and what I wished to do before gaining access and their trust.

The digging of Ghana gold is known locally as Galamsey.  The project is a visual story of the Galamsey youth who dig the soil for gold at an illegal gold mining site in Obuasi, Ghana.

The artisanal gold mining activities in Ghana is on the increase as thousands of jobless youths and entire families engage in Galamsey defying the dangers it poses to their health and at the same time causing serious environmental damage. These out of the way places have a local shop which controls their lives, by selling the equipment, the mercury and then buy the gold extracted at whatever price, which then finds it way to gold market sometimes via South Africa.

This series was shown at the 6th Bienniale de Curitiba, Brazil, and work form the series is in the collection of the Smithsonian, ADF collection, France, numerous prival collections. Editions have sold out in the edition of 5.

George Osodi's work is in the collections of major museums and private collections around the world, including EMST Greak National Museum, ADF collection France, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena, the Martin Marguiles collection,The Smithsonian, and The Newark Museum.


 The small Limited Editions are: :

 1.Edition of 2
    Size: 120 cm x 175 cm
    Medium:  C-Type print
    Price: Price on application
 2. Edition of 5
     Size: 80 cm x 120 cm
     Medium:  C-Type print
     Price: Price as stated

We will contact you to arrange delivery & packing, which will be agreed and charged seperately.

The small editions in Edition of 5 is available for online purchase. Please apply for detail for the large size in edition of 2.

In addition New to the site is :Ghana Gold - De Money 2009 Multiple Editions of 175 are available for online purchase


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